Annual event 2017

The National Trust Ecofund held its annual event for 2017 on the 5th of June, the National Polytechnic Museum in Sofia.

At the event, the annual activity report for 2016 was presented to the public. Besides the implemented investment projects totaling over BGN 13 million, in 2016 the Fund also launched a Pilot Scheme for the Promotion of the Use of Electric Vehicles, the Mineral Water Investment Program, and started working on the development of combined financing mechanisms for project financing energy efficiency, as well as purposeful behavioral level work with Bulgarian schools on climate change.

Along with the presentation of the annual report, the event also included a seminar on “The NTEF Approaches to Implementing Flexible Financial Instruments in Publicly Funded Energy Efficiency Projects”. During the seminar the concrete steps of several pilot projects with the implementation of financial instruments, which the NTEF develops with its partners, were presented – those of Gabrovo, Samokov, and region Lyulin of the Sofia municipality. The Mayor of Gabrovo stressed the importance of innovative approaches towards technical decisions, as well as in the financial models of the energy efficiency projects with the aim of making the investment more effective.

The event also covered the traditional annual environmental awards under the name of Mimi Pramatarova. This year the competition was for school projects on climate change. First prize went to Secondary School “Ivan Vazov”,  Mezdra, for their  “Vazovche” Project and they received a statuette, diploma and the prize of 1000 leva. The project team will build a mini-weather station to aid the students in their climate education. The second place was awarded to Maths and Science Highschool “Prof. Emmanouil Ivanov “, Kyustendil, for the project” Environmental Monitoring of the Dragovishtitsa River “, for which they were awarded a diploma and 500 leva with which to continue working on their project. Ranked third were the students of PGT “Dr Vasil Beron “, Veliko Tarnovo, for the project” Classroom – borrowed from nature “, and received a diploma and 300 leva. The awards were presented by the Deputy Minister of Environment and Water Mrs. Atanaska Nikolova, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of NTEF Ms. Irena Georgieva and Anita Kirilova from the Prizewinners of the competition’s club. The cash prizes are intended to support the implementation of upgrading project activities.

Conference “Students save energy in their schools”

On 26th of April 2017,  conference “Students save energy in their schools” was held in Sofia as part of the project for improving the behavior of energy users in the Bulgarian schools. The project is being implemented by NTEF in partnership with the German Independent Institute for Environment – UfU with the financial support of the German Ministry for Environment, Nature conservation, Building and Nuclear safety (BMUB).

The purpose of the conference was to present the experience of the participating schools and to initiate a discussion about the future continuation of the project in Bulgaria.

Participants in the conference were municipalities, schools, NGOs, and other organizations with relevant experience in the field of climate change and energy efficiency.


Conference Program

Project description


Presentations from the conference:

Energy saving in schools – Presentation by Hoai Nguyen from UfU




NTEF contributes to energy efficiency by training students to save energy in schools

This is the second NTEF project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB). The project is implemented in partnership with the German Independent Institute for Environment (UfU) and the Romanian organization Environ.

Taking into account that students’ behavior is crucial both at school and at home, the project aims to raise awareness among students on the topic of energy efficiency and to teach them to save energy in schools. It is a hands-on project that directly involves students in the process of assessment and reduction of the energy consumption in their schools. For their achievements the students will be rewarded with favorite activities.

Participants in the project will be two schools from Samokov municipality and two schools from the “Liulin” administrative district of Sofia municipality.

Final event of the activities in the kindergartens in Bourgas

The event was held on 25th of November 2015 in Bourgas where children form kindergartens presented in front of their parents the activities implemented in the framework of the project for raising public awareness on climate change – My Climate.

Directors of the kindergartens also presented the activities of the children emphasizing that the energy efficiency measures implemented in the kindergartens contributed not only to improving the overall environment of the kindergartens but also to reducing the impact on climate change. They stressed to the parents, grandparents and siblings in the audience that they too have a lot to learn from the children when it comes to water, electricity, waste and environment.

Important messages were also conveyed by the official guests of the event – the Bulgarian Minister of Environment and Water – Ms. Ivelina Vasileva and the Mayor of Bourgas – Mr. Dimitar Nikolov. On a joint press conference earlier in the day they highlighted the benefits of the energy efficiency measures and the importance of climate change education for children.

The art works on the topic of climate change, created by the children as part of the project, are already exhibited in the kindergartens, and a video recording of the event in Bourgas will be showed on the closing conference in Plovdiv on December 15th.

International Conference on Climate Action in Hanover, Germany

Partners and beneficiaries of the National Trust Ecofund attended the International Conference on Climate Action which took place on 1st and 2-nd of October in Hanover, Germany. The main topic of the conference was the leading role of municipalities in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to climate change.Participants had the opportunity to learn about successful local initiatives in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energies, and to take part in several workshops on the topic. At the end of the conference, a Hanover Declaration with main conclusions was prepared in order to be presented on the upcoming UN Conference on Climate Change (COP 21) that will take place in Paris from 30th of November until the 11th of December this year.

Teachers from Yambol are preparing for the creative activities with their students

On 9 October 2015 a training workshop was conducted in Yambol with teachers in schools and kindergarten form the city and one kindergarten from Plovdiv in the framework of the public awareness on climate change project. After this workshop different creative activities will be implemented with the children and young people on the same topic.

Below you can find the materials from the training workshop:

Climate Change Presentation [ENG]

Behavioral Approach to Environmental and Climate Change Education [ENG]

Intorduction to Climate Change [ENG]