Introduction – Be Part of the Global Conversation on Climate Change

with John Roome

Climate change in the 21st century
Climate Science and Emissions Scenarios

with Prof. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber HBE, Dr. Tomas R. Karl, and Dr. Alan Miller

Climate change in the 21st century
Climate Impacts in the 21st Century

with Prof. Stefan Rahmstorf , Dr. h.c. Bill Hare, Dr. Carol Turley

Sectoral impacts in Europe and Central Asia
with Nailya Mustaeva

Sectoral Impacts around the World (Part II)

with Dr. Rosina Bierbaum, Dr. Janice Lough, and Prof. Stefan Rahmstorf

“The video materials are developed by the World Bank with the support of the CF Assist Trust Fund as part of a global knowledge exchange. All Bulgarian translations are courtesy and are done by interpreters hired by the local office”.